Business Japanese

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Business Japanese Workshop: From Honorific Expressions to Business Writing

Wednesday, April 30 | 6 PM - 8 PM
Squire Sanders, Palo Alto

One of the challenges in mastering the Japanese language is choosing the proper words and expressions according to the situation.  In the business world, the knowledge of certain terminologies and rules are essential for non-native speakers to feel confident when communicating with your business partners in Japanese.  This workshop will enable advanced Japanese learners to master useful expressions for conversation and in business writing.  This is a perfect opportunity to polish and expand your command of Japanese!

Followed by last year's "Business Japnaese Language Workshop", Japanese business writing is the main focus this year in addition to honorific expressions.

This workshop enables advanced Japanese learners to master useful expressions for business writing, which is imperative for formal communications in various business situations. To begin with, writing up such things as requirements on business activities, new plans, and ideas in a document form not only prevents us from overlooking critical issues, but it also helps us organize our thoughts in succinct and straightforward ways. Business letters furthermore help us reduce the risk of miscommunications with others. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to most of the areas associated with business writing. The workshop also provides intensive training in reading and writing business documents in Japanese.

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