Business Japanese

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Business Japanese Curriculum Project

Develop Supplemental Digital Audio-Visual Modules to Enhance Business-Related Japanese Pedagogy at SFSU

Director: Masahiko Minami (Professor of Foreign Languages)

Project Summary:

This project will develop digital audio-visual teaching modules designed to broaden the learning experience of students studying Japanese as a foreign or second language. The modules will be integrated into two business-related Japanese courses that are currently offered, “Business Japanese” (JPN 390) and “Advanced Business Japanese: Business Writing” (JPN 395). These modules will increase opportunities for students to improve listening and speaking skills and will complement course textbooks and class lectures which focus on developing reading and writing skills. Specifically, the digital audio-visual modules will enhance the student’s ability to: (1) effectively communicate in different sociolinguistic milieus such as formal business presentations, (2) build cultural and stylistic elements into their business communications, and (3) effectively recognize culture-specific modes of behavior, as well as socio-cultural patterns of the Japanese-speaking society.

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