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Enhancing Business Japanese Pedagogy Project Presentations

Enhancing Business Japanese Pedagogy

Masahiko Minami
San Francisco State University

In a world where all economic transactions have been fully globalized, we consistently need to promote internationalism for the Nation’s not only current but also future interest. More specifically, as today’s society increasingly involves global interdependency, the need for increased cross-cultural understanding becomes imperative. In particular, there are needs to enhance the international business education and international competitiveness in the northern California region. This is a report of an on-going curricular project, “Enhancing Business Japanese Pedagogy” at San Francisco State University. Students have been offered numerous opportunities for listening and speaking as well as reading and writing in the target language (i.e., Japanese) for use either in the near or distant future. The presentation will show course materials that have been developed for use in international business.

A series of presenations were made.

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