Business Japanese

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Business Japanese (JAPN 390)

Business Japanese is designed for those who have completed some upper-division Japanese courses. This course enables them to master conversational expressions that are useful in business environments. The course specifically provides intensive training in business Japanese, focusing on the forms of communication frequently encountered in the business world. The goals of the course include (1) learning expressions and vocabularies that are essential to business, (2) acquiring verbal and nonverbal communication strategies for better interaction with Japanese business associates, (3) learning how to deal with Japanese business people both in formal and informal settings, and (4) reading business-related articles. Course materials are shown below. Do not cite or use these materials without permission.

JAPN390 Spring 2012 syllabus_1.pdf171.48 KB
JAPN 390 Course Reader_1.pdf924.09 KB
Introduction Drills (Lesson 1).ppt.pdf202.37 KB
Greetings Drills (Lesson 2).ppt.pdf216.76 KB
Permission Drills (Lesson 3).ppt.pdf193.35 KB
Request Drills (Lesson 4).ppt.pdf1.85 MB
Inviting Drills (Lesson 5).ppt.pdf2.51 MB
Telephoning Drills (Lesson 6).ppt.pdf101.72 KB
Telephoning Drills (Lesson 6).ppt752.5 KB
Appointment Drills (Lesson7).ppt.pdf93.39 KB
Appointment Drills (Lesson7).ppt632 KB
Proposal Drills (Lesson 8).ppt.pdf1.32 MB
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