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Advanced Business Japanese: Business Writing (JAPN 395)

As the political and economic relationship increasingly strengthens between the United States and Japan, we need to develop highly skilled professionals in the field of business writing. Business writing is imperative for formal communications in various business situations. To begin with, writing up such things as requirements on business activities, new plans, and ideas in a document form not only prevents us from overlooking critical issues, but it also helps us organize our thoughts in succinct and straightforward ways. Business letters furthermore help us reduce the risk of miscommunications with others, while word-of-mouth and telephone conversations, in which the pertinent information is not documented, may lead to future problems. This course examines most of the areas associated with business writing, Japanese business writing in particular. The course also provides intensive training in reading and writing business documents in Japanese. Course materials are shown below. Do not cite or use these materials without permission.

JAPN395 Syllabus.pdf148.72 KB
JAPN 395 Course Reader.pdf675.98 KB
1-Polite Expressions.ppt.pdf130.83 KB
2-Basic Document Format.ppt.pdf449.51 KB
3-Letters of Reference & Reply.ppt.pdf395.25 KB
4-Letters of Request.ppt_0.pdf195.99 KB
5-Letters of Order & Apology.ppt.pdf421.99 KB
6-Letters of Request for Payment.ppt.pdf149.67 KB
7-Basic Document Format REVIEW.ppt.pdf1.76 MB
8-Courtesy Letters.ppt.pdf156.02 KB
9-Internal Letters.ppt.pdf675.9 KB
10-E-mails Notification-Information.ppt.pdf141.35 KB
11-E-mails Requests-Answers 1.ppt_0.pdf802.38 KB
12-E-mails Requests-Answes 2.ppt.pdf650.15 KB
13-E-mails Requests-Answes 3.ppt.pdf1.27 MB
14-E-mails Requests-Answes 4.ppt.pdf1.02 MB
15-E-mails Apologies.ppt.pdf1.81 MB
16-E-mails Others.ppt.pdf1017.44 KB
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